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NHS Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS)

Feeling unwell, No GP Appointments Left. Ask For A CPCS Referral

This is a service that we are providing as a GP. We have partnered with our local pharmacies to deliver an extended service to our patients. The local pharmacists can deliver care to minor conditions and provide treatments for minor illnesses. This service is available to ages 1 and above.

  1. Call the GP as usual and you will be triage by a memeber of staff on whether you meet the eligbilty requirements.
  2. The reception staff will create a referral form and send this directly to your local pharmacist who will triage your symptoms appropriately.
  3. The Pharmacy will then contact you for your consultation and provide you with any necessary medications.
  4. We encorage you to contact your pharmacy first for minor conditions such as flu’s and coughs before requesting treatment by a GP.